A Cambodian style broccoli soup

I like to wear my green and eat it too.

My wardrobe and kitchen are beginning to look alike. I blame it on Greenery (Yas! Pantone colour of 2017). Maybe one day I will post a photo of me having this soup wearing a matching green outfit, but today is not that day.

This is an Asian influenced (you know the lemongrass and star anise shiz) soup and I recommend letting your tastebud take over in deciding the proportion of ingredients you use. I have two friends who hate star anise and coriander, you might miss out on life but you can take them out! Still guaranteed to taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


1 cup Broccoli florets

1 cup baby corn chopped + 1 chopped celery stick

3 cups vegetable stock

3-4 finely chopped garlic + half a chilli + 1-star anise

1 tsp light soy sauce

1 lemongrass + 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves + the coriander stalks

1 spoon of tamarind paste (per taste)

1 tsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


  • Heat the olive oil in a saucepan. Throw in the garlic and fry till light brown. Add all the vegetables and stir fry on medium flame for 3-4 mins. Do not forget to turn off the heat. We will try to cook with burnt vegetable, but another day 😛
  • In another pot pour in the vegetable stock, lemongrass, chopped chilli, tamarind, star anise, coriander stalks and season with salt. Bring to a quick boil and let it simmer for 7-8 mins.
  • Drain the broth to remove the stalks, lemongrass etc. and add it to the sautéed vegetables. Bring to boil and simmer for another 5-7 minutes
  • Remove from the flame and pour into the soup bowls. Serve with the chopped coriander leaves and brave hearts like me add some chopped chillies too!

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