A Cambodian style broccoli soup

I like to wear my green and eat it too. My wardrobe and kitchen are beginning to look alike. I blame it on Greenery (Yas! Pantone colour of 2017). Maybe one day I will post a photo of me having this soup wearing a matching green outfit, but today is not that day. This is…

The Andalusian style Gazpacho

The Gazpacho I had at a recent Indo-French wedding (yeah there are a few of us here :p) was so yummy even for a tomato hater like me that it made me reach out to my Andalusian friend for a Gazpacho recipe (it was straight from her grandmother, so totally yum!) INGREDIENTS 1 cucumber, peeled…

Tandoori spiced grilled chicken salad with avocado.

Since childhood, okay may be teenage-hood the thought of devouring a well marinated, amazingly spiced TANDOORI chicken brings tear to my eyes. For my “unfamiliar with the concept of tandoor” friends, it is basically a form of Indian barbecue which renders amazing smoky flavours. Anything cooked in that is a “Tandoori”. Obviously, i do not have a tandoor here in Paris but I do have an oven and Liquid Smoke. Do not start rolling eyeballs. Yet. Liquid smoke is the bomb alongside marinated grilled chicken (works great with tofu for all the vegetarians too!)
Usually, the Tandoori Chicken gets over way too quick and we are left hungry and wanting for more. So, I decided to make it a bit more healthier and wholesome by making a salad out of it.

Jewish style Potato Latkes

Hanukkah is far away so let’s do it for Rosh Hashana. Potato Latkes for all my Jewish friends! Also I cannot insist any stronger that Potato love is real love.   Also, that crunch when you take that first bite. OMG!
To keep it fashionably edible I served it with a side of Horseradish cream cheese.

An Indian spiced cream of sweet corn soup

When the world is all hurricane-y and Paris is windy to the point it gets me worried if I will fly away I make this curried sweet corn and potato soup as “potential aankhri khwaish/last wish”. Okay may be that is not entirely true. But what is life without some spice?
Here is my sweet corn and potato soup for a nice day indoors with some Netflix.