A Bengali “Golbari” style Kosha Mangsho

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My earliest recollections of Durga Puja was Pandal hopping on Oshtomi and Nabomi all night long. One of these two days when we were hopping around North and Central Kolkata, a trip to Golbari was a must (courtesy my uncle who is a BIG foodie and knows almost all the hidden gems in Kolkata). Now Golbari is basically a restaurant which served this amazing Biryani and a fantastic Kosha Mangsho – the very famous Bengali speciality of lamb/mutton slow cooked without much water. Continue reading.

A Goan style Chicken Cafreal

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Back in those days where Goa was every 20 something’s dream destination for every single holiday, I was lucky enough to have friends who either grew up or studied in Goa and were excellent in recommending the authentic Goan hidden gems. I am talking about the world’s bestest Cafreal, Xacuti and Sorpotel.  Continue reading.

Smokey honey-glazed Chicken Kebabs

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With Christmas and New year parties in full swing, here is my contribution to party snack and appetizers! An oriental twist to the all-time favourite Chicken Kebab. These are so versatile that you can serve them wrapped in flatbread, with rice or just like that. Continue reading.

A Chicken and egg Burrito/Kathi roll


My city in India – Kolkata is famous for this amazing street food called Kathi Rolls. Kathi rolls are basically Indian burritos without any beans or rice stuffing. During our recent trip to California, we grabbed Burritos whenever we were hungry and I decided to make a Burrito version of the Kathi roll (also saved me the stress of making enough rolls as these are pretty loaded). It is a great recipe for party appetizers or dinner for a big group of hungry humans! Read more

Tandoori spiced grilled chicken salad with avocado.

salad chicken

Since childhood, (okay maybe teenage-hood) the thought of devouring a well marinated and amazingly spiced TANDOORI chicken makes me teary. For my “unfamiliar with the concept of tandoor” friends, it is basically a form of Indian barbecue which renders amazing smoky flavours. Anything cooked in that is a “Tandoori”. Obviously, I do not have a tandoor here in Paris but I do have an oven and Liquid Smoke. Do not start rolling eyeballs. Yet. Liquid smoke is the bomb alongside marinated grilled chicken (works great with tofu for all the vegetarians too!) Read more

Kolkata style Chicken Biryani


Apparently, the Mughal Kings rose up from the dead to eat Biryani. I, after a 10-day break in India and eating all the delicious Mom made food, was not ready to settle for anything less in Paris. Yet. So, I ended up spending my entire morning and some afternoon to make the super famous and delicious “Kolkata Biryani” With a pomegranate, carrot and mint raita. For the uninitiated Biryani is a saffron and rose water flavoured rice dish cooked with meat and 14 spices!Read more