A spicy Egg and Spinach Tacos


One fine evening I invited a few friends over for dinner. Nothing abnormal about that. Then I made a truckload of Taco Shells to serve some Prawns and Mango salsa tacos. We ate them all too quick and no photos were taken. The twist in this sensational story starts now. Although I made 2 dozen taco shells and enough filling to feed even the neighbours, I was so busy posing like MonaLisa for some horrible photos – I NEVER ASKED my guests if they wanted more Tacos! WHO DOES THAT???? Anyway, my friends left hungry and probably planning never to show up for dinner at my place again and I was left with a bunch of taco shells and no one to feed. The following days marked the beginning of a TACO HISTORY in the making. Keep reading.

Mughlai style eggs in poppy seeds and almond sauce


Once upon a time I was running this #hashtag for a #givemeaflavour concept on my Instagram handle (@Summerpita). Where basically you could give me a flavour and I cook something with it. I truly believe that we all have our own flavours that we enjoy the most. I, for one love lemongrass, chilli, and coriander on one hand and truffle on another. Maybe I like most flavours. Oh wait, I have one that I hate thoroughly it is called NO FLAVOUR. 😀

While running this project, the Travel blogger duo Traversedlands requested for Poppy Seeds. One burnt coffee grater and an ardent Bengali food lover friend later I came up with this. A royal version of Dim Posto or eggs in a ground poppy seeds and almond sauce. Read more.

A Chicken and Egg Burrito/Kathi Roll


My city in India – Kolkata is famous for this amazing street food called Kathi Rolls. Kathi rolls are basically Indian burritos without any beans or rice stuffing. During our recent trip to California, we grabbed Burritos whenever we were hungry and I decided to make a Burrito version of the Kathi roll (also saved me the stress of making enough rolls as these are pretty loaded). It is a great recipe for party appetizers or dinner for a big group of hungry humans! Read more.

A Bengali style dim kosha/egg ghee roast


With a huge Bengali festival called Durga Puja just over, I lashed out my inner Bengali with an egg ghee roast and “Gobind bhog” rice (an aromatic small grain rice native to Bengal which was used to make food for the gods) with “gondhoraj lebu” (Almost like kaffir lime). Needless to mention, I lugged 5 kgs of that rice all the way from Kolkata to Delhi to Frankfurt to Paris.

I really can do ANYTHING for the sake of Gobindbhog. If you ever get a chance to read this one the menu ANYWHERE, you know who to call. Read more.