Mughlai style eggs in poppy seeds and almond sauce

eggsOnce upon a time I was running this #hashtag for a #givemeaflavour concept on my Instagram handle (@Summerpita). Where basically you could give me a flavour and I cook something with it. I truly believe that we all have our own flavours that we enjoy the most. I, for one love lemongrass, chilli, and coriander on one hand and truffle on another. Maybe I like most flavours. Oh wait, I have one that I hate thoroughly it is called NO FLAVOUR. 😀

While running this project, the Travel blogger duo Traversedlands requested for Poppy Seeds. One burnt coffee grater and an ardent Bengali food lover friend later I came up with this. A royal version of Dim Posto or eggs in a ground poppy seeds and almond sauce. Read more.


4-6 eggs + 2 small potatoes + 2tbsp posto (poppy seeds)

8-10 almonds + 6 raisins

Mustard oil

2 green cardamom+10-12 whole peppercorns+2 sticks of Cinnamon+2 red chillies+bay leaf

1 or 2 medium-sized onions

2 tbsp ginger garlic paste

1 tbsp kewra water + a few strands of saffron in little bit of warm milk



  • Boil and shell eggs and make slits in the egg body. While the eggs are boiling, peel and cut potatoes lengthwise.
  • Chop up the onions (according to the eggs you are making)
  • Add two tablespoon of posto/poppy seeds and the almonds and raisins in the mixer grinder and make a paste – keep checking and add enough water to make sure it’s kind of smooth but not completely liquid-y.
  • Heat mustard oil, add 2 green Elaichi, 10-12 whole peppercorn, two sticks of cinnamon, 2-3 red chillies, and bay leaves.
  • Semi-fry potatoes in that oil and keep aside.
  • Fry the eggs lightly in same oil and keep aside.
  • Fry the onions till its colourless in the same oil. Add ginger-garlic paste over the onions and fry a bit.
  • Add eggs and potatoes back in, pour in poppy seeds/posto-almond mix, add enough water to cover potatoes and eggs about 3/4th way, add salt, bring to boil on high heat.
  • Cover with lid for ten minutes on medium flame.
  • Take off the lid, add a teaspoon of kewra water turn up the heat and add the saffron infused milk and let the water boil off until you’re happy with the gravy consistency.

Serve hot with rice and a lemon slice.
Recipe Courtesy: My high school friend Pradipta Sarkar