Fish and Seafood

A Crispy Salmon burger with avocado and mango salsa

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Somedays make you realize how lucky you are to just LIVE, some days help you make a meal where you throw in all your favourite ingredients! Not sure this would be my last meal though, given I have a looooong list, but this is good “lucky to survive a Typhoon” burger! Keep reading

-bass in tomato and kaffir lime broth


You can take away the fish from a Bengali but you cannot take the Bengali away from fish. 🐟 So, usually on Sundays, I wake the human up or maybe he wakes me up to run to the farmer’s market at Bastille (yes same place in Paris with a huge pillar and golden angel re-instating your dislike for all things silver) to buy that fresh seafood or a nice blue cheese, and of course fish. Keep reading.