A mushroom lasagna in créme à la truffle.


During my business school days of rotting away between Futures & Options, I ONLY wanted Lasagne every time I was hungry. While others settled for MAGGI instant noodle, I used to slog away in the kitchen 😦 A while back I realised how versatile Lasagne sheets are and how easy it is to incorporate them without making a 4 hour – 4 layer long Lasagne.

Also, living in Paris has its own perks – you get to buy Truffle! Oh, and now that I have my own Tarragon/Estragon plant I added those too. By the way, for this recipe, if you do not have truffle oil don’t fret it still tastes great with the creamy mushroom, leek and tarragon sauce. Read more.

An Indo-Italian style Lasagna


No, this is NOT my 5-ingredients lasagne.You can’t have it easy every day, please but🙄 this one has a Crispy top and is loaded with Parmesan. For the filling, I used grilled tandoori spiced vegetables (yes, my Indian ghost leads me to the Tandoori spice jar somehow), a Spinach ricotta cream and marinara sauce.

This Lasagne has three main components usually. The meat or the vegetable filling, the spinach ricotta mix and the marinara sauce. If you stay calm, turn on some hip-hop and get at it layer by layer. You can do it! Read more.

Fusilli in a zucchini, arugula and pine nut pesto


Some of us in life are obsessed with pesto, we try to find a little Italy everywhere. What better way to celebrate pesto than on World Pasta Day. Here is how the story of this pesto goes.

Once upon a time, Summerpita had a lot of arugulas so she decided to add it to her pesto. She also loves pine nuts, so a lot of pine nut went in as well. A little birdie told her once that raisins work great to neutralize the bitterness of a pesto and whatta protip that was!

An Arugula and pine nut pesto was born. Read more.

Spaghetti with pine nuts, kale and cherry tomatoes


This was a nice alcohol-free weekend (for most of it at least) and ended up with charcoals on a canvas instead. It was also the homecoming for the marathon king husbandman who loves pasta and so I stirred up some spaghetti with crispy kale, pine nuts, truffle honey and grilled cherry tomatoes. Continue reading.