A Cambodian style Broccoli soup

broccoli soup

My wardrobe and kitchen are beginning to look alike. I blame it on Greenery (Yas! Pantone colour of 2017). Maybe one day i will post a photo of me having this soup wearing a matching green outfit, but today is not that day.

This is an Asian influenced (you know the lemon grass and star anise shiz) soup and I recommend letting your tastebud take over in deciding the proportion of ingredients you use. I have two friends who hate star anise and coriander, you might miss out on life but you can take them out! Still guaranteed to taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! continue reading

An Indian spiced cream of sweet corn soup.


When the world is all hurricane-y and Paris is windy to the point it gets me worried if I will fly away 🤔 I make this curried sweet corn and potato soup as “potential aankhri khwaish/last wish”. Okay, maybe that is not entirely true. But what is life without some spice? continue reading

A roast pumpkin, kale and mushroom soup

souup pumpkin

On the occasion of my husband getting older, I decided to make him a BURGER. Like all men on Earth he loves his burgers and pizzas and football and beer – oh, wait I like those two as well. I slogged in the kitchen for a few hours to make that perfect burger from scratch and decided to make a quick roast pumpkin and mushroom soup to continue with the Halloween-y feeling. AAANND HE LIKED THE SOUP MORE. *facepalm*. So, this is my Halloween-y-Christmas-y-roast pumpkin and mushroom soup with crispy kale which apparently beats a Fish Burger. Keep reading.

 An Andalusian style Gazpacho.


The Gazpacho I had at a recent Indo-French wedding (yeah there are a few of us here :p) was so yummy even for a tomato hater like me that it made me reach out to my Andalusian friend for a Gazpacho recipe (it was straight from her grandmother, so totally yum!) continue reading


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