Crackling Spinach with sesame.

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The best discovery happens by chance. Especially when you had some wine 😛 This Republic day after a few glasses of wine I happened to stumble upon a photo from 26th January 2013 in Mumbai for Republic Day and me hogging on crackling spinach and some fine drinks at 😛 Mainland China. All memories came rushing back and I really had to make this ultimate crunchy, salt, greeny appetizer called CRACKLING SPINACH! Keep Reading.

Kale and Peanuts rice bowl

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For all my friends and clients (including myself) who complain about how boring it is to cook for just oneself. I dedicate it to them. The trick to getting the right portion size is picking a pan which can only fit so much. No food wasted!

A 5-ingredient super #quickand #healthy kale and peanuts rice bowl with spring onions. Continue reading.

Truffle fries

Sundays need Truffle fries. And Love. Oh, maybe some Stranger Things on Netflix too. I am going to keep making these until my truffle collection is taking its last breath. Since you are already investing yourself in some groundbreaking, mouth-watering fries, why not turn up the fashion quotient a notch up and plate it with some greenery and sauces. Read more.

The Jumbo 3-cheese calzone


My husband man loves calzone and he cannot lie. Throughout our entire Italian honeymoon days across the beautiful Amalfi, all he was looking for was THAT calzone which takes you straight to Calzone heaven. Now, that got me to re-thinking about my wife duties 😛 I had some pizza dough hanging in the freezer and some yummy cheese that I purchased at the Sunday farmer’s marché at Bastille and voilà a new cheese oozing – yummy calzone was born. I threw in some mushroom corn and spinach to balance out the cheese.

Btw, although he loved it like a very Frenchman he thought I could have used a bit more of the cheese. Keep reading.

A Pakistani style Pomegranate Raita


What is Biryani or tandoori chicken without some Raita? In India and Pakistan, this is generally served to tone down the heat of the spices but I refuse to let it just have one purpose in life 😛

I think it makes for an excellent dip for your fritters or falafels and works amazingly in wraps and rolls too! Here is a take on a Raita which you can serve with literally anything and make the dish pop out – the Pakistani style royal Carrot, Mint, and Pomegranate Raita. Read more.

Potato Latkes


Hanukkah is far away so let’s do it for Rosh Hashana. Potato Latkes for all my Jewish friends! Also, I cannot insist any stronger that Potato love is real love. 😬Also, that crunch when you take that first bite. OMG!
To keep it fashionably edible I served it with a side of Horseradish cream cheese. Read more

Indo-Italian style roasted veggie Lasagna


No, this is NOT my 5-ingredients lasagne.You can’t have it easy every day, please but🙄 this one has a Crispy top and is loaded with Parmesan. For the filling, I used grilled tandoori spiced vegetables (yes, my Indian ghost leads me to the Tandoori spice jar somehow), a Spinach ricotta cream and marinara sauce.

This Lasagne has three main components usually. The meat or the vegetable filling, the spinach ricotta mix and the marinara sauce. If you stay calm, turn on some hip-hop and get at it layer by layer. You can do it! Read more.

A Lebanese roast pumpkin Hummus


I edited Ras-el-hanout from the name given how scary it sounds. But, this IS a Roast Pumpkin and Ras el Hanout hummus. This is an excellent dish when you have 10-12 people over and you do not want to slog in the kitchen forever! Make a big batch and serve it with some SUMMER – PITA ok just warm PITA bread maybe. Read more.

Anglo-Indian style Bread-Potato rolls

bread roll

Growing up I had a lot of Anglo-Indian teachers in my school (The Oxford Dictionary, suggests Anglo-Indians being “Of mixed British and Indian parentage or of British descent or birth but living or having lived long in India”) and they used to make these bread and potato rolls every time we had a “fete” to raise money for charity. We as kids never had much money to donate but we sure hogged on these all the same.

So, I thought I could do a private “fete” at home and raise some “money” for (a little Chanel N°9) charity from the human in the house, in return of these. I made them and waited for the human to show up while it’s hot, he didn’t – so I ate it all by myself. 😬Read more.

A mushroom lasagna in créme à la Truffle


During my business school days of rotting away between Futures & Options, I ONLY wanted Lasagne every time I was hungry. While others settled for MAGGI instant noodle, I used to slog away in the kitchen 😦 A while back I realised how versatile Lasagne sheets are and how easy it is to incorporate them without making a 4 hour – 4 layer long Lasagne.

Also, living in Paris has its own perks – you get to buy Truffle! Oh, and now that I have my own Tarragon/Estragon plant I added those too. By the way, for this recipe, if you do not have truffle oil don’t fret it still tastes great with the creamy mushroom, leek and tarragon sauce. Read more.

A Cambodian style Broccoli soup

broccoli soup

My wardrobe and kitchen are beginning to look alike. I blame it on Greenery (Yas! Pantone colour of 2017). Maybe one day I will post a photo of me having this soup wearing a matching green outfit, but today is not that day.

This is an Asian influenced (you know the lemongrass and star anise shiz) soup and I recommend letting your tastebud take over in deciding the proportion of ingredients you use. I have two friends who hate star anise and coriander, you might miss out on life but you can take them out! Still guaranteed to taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! continue reading

Indian spiced cream of sweet corn soup.


When the world is all hurricane-y and Paris is windy to the point it gets me worried if I will fly away 🤔 I make this curried sweet corn and potato soup as “potential aankhri khwaish/last wish”. Okay may be that is not entirely true. But what is life without some spice? continue reading

Winter beetroots – 3 ways!

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I grew up hating carrots and beetroots mostly because my mom would force me to have a carrot and beetroot stock as:/ a kid. Very recently I went to a cocktail bar in Paris called Le Mary Celeste and tried (almost unknowingly) their beetroot salad – bam! Converted, for life. While working on this delightful vegetable I decided to do it three ways:

  1. A beetroot carpaccio
  2. Beetroot puree
  3. Pickled beetroots Keep reading.

 An Andalusian style Gazpacho.


The Gazpacho I had at a recent Indo-French wedding (yeah there are a few of us here :p) was so yummy even for a tomato hater like me that it made me reach out to my Andalusian friend for a Gazpacho recipe (it was straight from her grandmother, so totally yum!) continue reading