A Chicken Burrito/Kathi Roll

My city in India – Kolkata is famous for this amazing street food called Kathi Rolls. Kathi rolls are basically Indian burritos without any beans or rice stuffing. During our recent trip to California, we grabbed Burritos whenever we were hungry and I decided to make a Burrito version of the Kathi roll (also saved…

A Pakistani style Pomegranate Raita

What is Biryani or tandoori chicken without some Raita? In India and Pakistan, this is generally served to tone down the heat of the spices but I refuse to let it just have one purpose in life 😛 I think it makes for an excellent dip for your fritters or falafels and works amazingly in…

An Indian spiced cream of sweet corn soup

When the world is all hurricane-y and Paris is windy to the point it gets me worried if I will fly away I make this curried sweet corn and potato soup as “potential aankhri khwaish/last wish”. Okay may be that is not entirely true. But what is life without some spice?
Here is my sweet corn and potato soup for a nice day indoors with some Netflix.